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To play ;

  1. Install Unity Web Player.
  2. You right-click on the web player and select "Run this plug-in".
  3. Have fun ^^

This game was created for the Global GameJam 2015 with the theme "What do we do now?". We are currently making it a full game so stay tuned !

This top-down, puzzle arcade-style game challenges player navigation in a co-op setting.

The only game mechanic of displacement forces the players to communicate effectively as moving too far or too close to one another will result in a cruel explosive death. Staying in range is the key to survival.

Need more challenge? Try it solo ;) !

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Update V2.0 : Full-Featured Game

  • Lots of new levels.
  • New end game.
  • All animations and cutscenes.
  • Main menu and save mechanic.